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What is Judo?

Judo is a modern application of the techniques used by the warriors of the ancient Japan. Judo is a self-defense discipline, and much more.

Judo is the second most participated sport in the world. It has been an Olympic event since 1964. Judo is a scientific study of how a smaller stature person can overcome a greater size and mass of a larger adversary.

Judo becomes an art when classical techniques are adapted and modified by an individual. Skills taught here include throws, pins, submission techniques, and RESPECT!

South Hills Judo Academy was founded to Inspire, Empower, and Mentor those who need it most.

In concordance with our 8 club principals, we believe by working together with our members to instill values of courtesy, self-discipline, self-confidence, responsibility, caring, and respect in addition to boosting physical and mental health. The holism power of Judo as a martial art and an Olympic sport enhance the ability to act and persevere.

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